Puppy E Books

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Puppy E Books

 13 E-books plus charts and worksheets which cover everything you need to know about bringing up a puppy .  From information about the 1st seven days to heading into adolescence and beyond. Covering all the common struggles from biting to socialisation. 

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    13 Puppy E-books plus charts and worksheets

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Puppy E books

Kate Lamacraft

Kate : is the head trainer and owner of The Canine Hub. She has gained a range of professional dog training qualifications which include The practical IABTC instructing pet dog owners course, Agility 1st Trainer, Pro Dog Trainer, Pro Dog Geek course, UK Scentwork trainer, UK Snifferdogs Instructor, and an Advanced Canine body language specialist. Kate also holds a canine first aid qualification and human 1st aid certificate.

The Canine Hub had been a dream of Kate for many years, to provide a dog training centre where dogs and owners could come together and learn in a force free, reward based training environment. That dream is now a reality, offering many training opportunities in many activities both on and off line.
Kate has lived with dogs for over 25 year and has been training professionally for 5 years. She competes at agility with her two rescue collie crosses. Roxy (Grade 6) and Gem (Grade 7 ) and she has just rescued a working cocker spaniel,  Skip, who will be 7 months in February 2021